All Merchbot™ apps base decisions on state of the art machine learning algorithms when applicable. This inherently data-driven approach will give optimized results.

While the algorithms themselves are a closely guarded secret, Merchbot™ guarantees that the algorithms strives to keep all data anonymized and secure at all times.


The core of Merchbot™ is an advanced machine learning model that ensures to gain the most performance for your configuration choices.

Merchbot™ starts with a learning phase, where conservative choices are used with a select few probe parameters while gathering data. Once enough data has been gathered, the algorithm will start predicting what is the optimal parameters within the current configuration. The performance will be continuously monitored and adjusted to maintan a good result.


All Merchbot™ apps will protect your customers' privacy by presenting data in an anonymized and need-to-know form.

  • Names are shortened.

  • Timestamps are randomzied and presented informally

  • Only a selection of the data is presented

  • Internal identification numbers are masked

Data access is monitored closely and all forms of skimming attacks are detected and deterred.


Merchbot™ runs on state of the art infrastructure from google's datacenters for best in class security and reliability.

Delivers locally

Static resources in all Merchbot™ apps are served from the closest possible node in a CDN (content delivery network) for maximum speed in every region.


Merchbot™ infrastructure is built around distributed clusters that harnesses the power of multiple servers for performance and scalability. No matter how many customers visit your store, you can be sure we can keep up!

We rely on industry standard tehcnologies to do this:


Merchbot™ runs on the same google infrastructure as does Shopify. This allows for the shortest latency for the integration between Merchbot™ and Shopify possible.

Google provides data centers in a diverse set of strategic geographical locations. This allows Shopify and Merchbot™ to run our applications close to the store customers, wherever they are.

Running from the same datacenters ensures to further lower latency for the end customer within each region.


Every time you install a new app on your store, it incurs an unavoidable loading speed and overall sluggishness overhead being diretly experienced by your customers.

Merchbot™ collects all it's apps into one single install, dractically removing the overhead completely.