Social Pop™

What is Social Pop™?

Social Pop™ is an app in Merchbot™ that provides the visitors to your storefront with a veritable barrage of social proof.

Research shows that a lack of social proof is detrimental to converting visitors into paying customers. This is as true for physical stores as for online stores, and the remedy is the same: make sure the customer knows that other people have visited and are continuing to visit the store to purchase products!

The cutting edge technology under the hood of Social Pop™ ensures the right hints are dropped in the right way. Social Pop™ is deseigned to be a true fire and forget solution.

How does Social Pop™ work?

Social Pop™ looks at the data of your store and uses some advanced algorithms to decide which parts of the data is worth showcasing on your storefront. Examples are:

"John Doe bought this handbag yesterday"

- or -

"This handbag is selling out! Get yours before it is too late"

NOTE: All the apps in Merchbot™ go to great lengths to keep your data private and anonymized. We will anonymize and reduce accuracy of data while still remaining truthful to the customers.

What will Social Pop™ do for my store?

While getting social proof right can be tricky, Social pop™ will make it as easy as it will ever get. By automating all the crucial decisions that makes it work by "just doing the right thing™", a lot will already have been done for you by simply installing Social Pop™.

This leaves you free to think about the next important stuff that will make your effort especially worthwhile:

  • Generating media mentions

  • Generating expert testimoials

  • Generating SoMe presence

Social pop™ is there to guide you through these steps as well.

How is Social Pop™different from a popup?

Social Pop™ is all about the message, and less about the delivery mechanism. The quality, consistency and communicated values in the message is much more important than it's presentation.

Social Pop™ uses a continuously adapting smart algorithm to control the narrative to ensure that the customer feels confident that your store is a bustling place.

In the future our pop engine might include other ways of relaying the message.

What hints does Social Pop™ use?

Social pop™ includes a comprehensive arsenal of short and effective hints to nudge customers' perception of your storefront.

Visitors will have no choice but to feel that your store is a busy thriving place where they can enjoy making a purchase.

Exemples hints are:

  • products that were bought recently

  • products that are selling out

  • products that have sold out

  • expert testimonials for products or the store/brand itself

  • media mentions of products or the store/brand itself

Is Social Pop™ stable?

Social Pop™ inherits all the good qualities of Merchbot™.

See the complete list of qualities inside Merchbot™.

How do I install Social Pop™?

Social Pop™ is insalled as part of Merchbot™